Fiendish Curiosities

Monster world

I have always had an extreme fascination for monsters. As a child I loved the idea of them existing, because I was convinced that was the case and even though I was super scared of encountering a real monster at the same time I sort of wanted to. As an adult, unfortunately, I no longer believe in fantasy beasts, but they continue to fascinate me and I spend quite some time reading about them, drawing my own and even sculpting with clay. This is my monster blog, where I will let myself indulge in this weird interest. I hope there are some other people like me out there who can enjoy it!

How to Design Monsters

29 Jul 2021

I love designing monsters but can sometimes find it difficult to invent one from scratch. During these periods of creative block, I remember the critical aspects of monster creation. It should personify a specific fear. The overall look and personality will be informed by this.

Top 5 Biggest Monsters in Movies

15 Jan 2020

Luckily, no evidence of real-life monsters has been discovered, but for those of us who are hardcore fans of monsters can still satisfy our thirst for the creatures with movies and documentaries. Go ahead and discover the top 5 biggest monsters in movies.

Guarding my own treasure now

21 Nov 2019

Monsters have been around longer than humans, if the tales are to be believed. If you look at the ancient Mesopotamian, Greek, and Hebrew descriptions of monsters, they were always amalgamations of other creatures. The head of a lion, wings of an eagle, and a snake’s tail, for example. But now, monsters don’t really look like any creature you see. Some don’t have legs, or even really a body for that matter. They seem to have no parents, no evolution, and no relatives.

Traditionally, behind every monster lies a treasure. Sometimes the treasure made them hideous, like Golum from Lord of the Rings, and other times they had to become fearsome to protect the treasure.

Monsters and online casino

Everybody knows that online games have incorporated these hideous creatures. Being scared or repulsed is cool, but even better is the opportunity to get behind the monster and score some treasure. So instead of just playing fantasy games, I play fantasy games where I can actually win some money! I started off playing free slots online because it involves strategy and luck (you know, like DnD??) The site I found most helpful was, because it tells you what to look for and what to avoid when you’re picking a game. There are some pretty cool ones out there, with no shortage of dragons and other beasts. And guess what? They also give tips on no deposit bonus for online casino

Like a lot of monster enthusiasts, I try my hand at creation as well. I used to think that digital games where the only career opportunity, but now that there are so many online slots games that are themed around fantasy, it’s good to know that’s a possibility as well.

The Monsters and Villains in Stephen King's Novels

5 Nov 2019

Anyone who is a fan of horror films should have heard of Stephen King. He's one of the most prolific and famous writers of the horror, supernatural, and suspense genres. Go ahead and discover the top monsters and villains that comes Stephen King's world.